How to Store Your Car – A Comprehensive Guide

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In many ways, your car is an extension of yourself. It enables you to travel further, faster, and with more cargo than any mode of personal transportation that came before it. Whether you use it as a tool, a performance vehicle, or a preserved relic of the past, your car deserves to be protected and stored in the best conditions possible.

Today, we’ll cover the essentials of car storage, including:

  • The attributes that make every vehicle’s storage needs unique.
  • The factors to consider before selecting storage.
  • How your lifestyle impacts the way you store your vehicle.
  • And how Prestige Storage can help you find the right storage solution for all your vehicles.

Understanding Your Car’s Storage Needs

Your Car’s Size

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The size of your vehicle plays a pivotal role in determining the most suitable storage solution. Larger vehicles, including lifted trucks, trailers, and RVs, often find a perfect home in outdoor car storage spaces. But don’t assume that storing your large vehicle at home will be straightforward.

It’s essential to be mindful of neighborhood Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs) that might restrict street parking. Many do not allow large campers or trailers to remain outside your home for an extended period—some even regulate what you can keep in your driveway.

But luckily, Prestige’s spacious outdoor vehicle storage can be a convenient solution. Even the largest trucks and vans can fit comfortably in our outdoor storage lots. For those with a penchant for smaller motorized vehicles or bikes, you may even be able to keep them inside a climate-controlled storage unit for the pinnacle in indoor car storage. These storage units protect your belongings from the elements and ensure your prized possessions are secure and well-preserved.

Your Car’s Age

The age of your car is not just a number; it’s a crucial factor to consider when determining the most appropriate storage solution. Older vehicles, especially those from northern states or regions with heavy snowfall, face a significant threat in the form of road treatment salts. While essential for ensuring safe driving conditions in icy weather, these salts can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s undercarriage.

Road salt contains corrosive elements that, over time, lead to rust and corrosion. The particularly vulnerable undercarriage bears the brunt of this chemical assault. Rust compromises the structural integrity of your vehicle, affecting not only its appearance but also its overall performance. If left unchecked, rust can spread like a silent infection, causing irreversible damage to essential components such as the frame, exhaust system, and suspension.

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To counter this, opt for covered vehicle storage from Prestige’s catalog of options. A simple shield against rain, hail, and other elemental factors can dramatically reduce the wear on your vehicle while it waits in storage. Additionally, investing in a quality tarp adds an extra layer of defense. By draping this protective cover over your vehicle during storage, you create a barrier that mitigates moisture, blocks the sun’s harsh rays, and prevents debris from settling on your vehicle’s surfaces.

Your Car’s Rate of Use

Everyone’s storage needs are unique, and how you store your vehicle largely depends on how often you need to use it.

For instance, recreational vehicles (RVs), often used for vacation getaways a few times a year, don’t require the same level of accessibility as work utility vehicles used for professional purposes. RV owners typically seek long-term car storage solutions that provide secure and spacious accommodations for their vehicles during extended periods of non-use.

On the other hand, work utility vehicles demand more frequent accessibility due to the nature of their use. Professionals relying on these vehicles for daily tasks or occasional projects require storage solutions that provide easy and convenient access.

Prestige Storage addresses these needs by strategically locating our facilities near major roadways and offering vehicle storage and conventional self-storage drive-up access. These careful considerations ensure that our facilities cater to you, whether you’re a casual traveler or a professional with high-demand storage needs.

Find Vehicle Storage and Your Local Prestige Location

With room for vehicles of all sizes, Prestige stands out as an exceptionally adaptable option for vehicle storage. Our month-to-month leases allow you to store for as long as you need without spending more than you have to, whether you need monthly, seasonal, or yearly vehicle storage.

Secure your vehicle storage space from Prestige, and confidently take on the road ahead.

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