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Give your business the room it needs to grow with business storage units from Prestige Storage. We offer commercial storage solutions for any type of business, large or small. With a wide variety of storage unit sizes, and storage amenities like climate-controlled storage, vehicle storage, and drive-up access, you can find the perfect storage solution for your business with Prestige Storage.

Commercial Storage Solution for Businesses

If your business is starting to feel cramped and cluttered, a commercial storage unit is a great option for reclaiming your relaxed and organized space. Not only will a business storage unit help your workspace feel more open and calm, but it will also be easier to find the things you need when they’re organized in a single space. Your stored items will be easily accessible, so nobody has to wait for an important document or piece of equipment to be found.

Benefits of a Business Storage Unit

There are many ways that a business storage unit can be beneficial. Here are some of the ways that business owners take advantage of commercial storage units.

Business Inventory Storage

Having a large surplus of business inventory can be a blessing and a curse. It’s great to have it for when you need it, but extra inventory can start to take over your business storage space, and even creep into the work area. A commercial storage unit is a great way to store extra business inventory—it will be out of the way, but still easily accessible for when you need to restock.

Office Furniture Storage

Having empty chairs and empty desks sitting around can make a workspace feel cluttered and tight. But at the same time, the last thing you want is for a new hire to walk in on their first day, and not have a place to sit. Office furniture storage gives you the flexibility to have extra furniture for when you need it, but not have it sitting around, taking up space. Commercial storage units are also great for extra office equipment, like computers and printers.

Business Document Storage

Good bookkeeping is essential to running a business successfully. But after years of keeping records, they can begin to pile up and claim a huge amount of storage space. By storing documents in a business storage unit, you can keep them out of the way, but still accessible. You can trust that your important documents will be well maintained in our climate-controlled business storage units, so you can access important information whenever you need it.

Business Vehicle Storage

If your business has company vehicles, storing them on the property can be a hassle, especially if they aren’t used on a regular basis. Business storage can help keep your vehicles in a single location, without taking away from customer and employee parking space. And, most of our storage facilities are located close to gas stations and major highways, so refueling and travel are quick and convenient.

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If your business needs extra room to grow, business storage with Prestige Storage is here to help. Our commercial storage solutions can give your growing business the additional space it needs to flourish, with convenient locations and affordable prices. To get started, find a storage unit near you and rent or reserve yours today!

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