How To Utilize RV Storage

And How To Prep Your RV For Storage

Whether you’re a fan of local trips or regularly travel around the country, having an RV or camper trailer can be a big advantage when it comes to road tripping! If you have limited space in your garage or driveway, however, you might find that making space for your RV (or the one you wish was yours) can be a big challenge. Plus, many HOAs have restrictions for parking RVs, so your options might be limited.

If you’re looking for a secure RV storage alternative, Prestige Storage’s RV parking options allow you to take advantage of the convenience of self-storage for your vehicle. At our self-storage facilities with RV parking, you’ll find easy storage facility navigation and convenient facility locations, so you can hit the road without stressing. Some of our locations also have indoor RV parking for extra protection from the elements.

Seasonal and Year-Round RV Storage

At Prestige Storage, we know your RV parking priorities change with the seasons. If you primarily want an RV or camper trailer storage solution for part of the year, you can keep your vehicle with us for a few months. Alternatively, if you need storage year-round, you’ll be able to stick with Prestige Storage, so your RV always has a place to return after a road trip!

We also have the same flexible renting options for our personal storage and boat storage solutions, so you can store your other outdoor gear and vehicles seasonally, too! With Prestige Storage, you’ll also be able to reach out to our storage professionals, who are always willing to help you plan out your storage rental and answer your questions. Just reach out to your nearest storage facility!

Preparing an RV for Storage

If you’re planning to store your RV without using it for a while, you’ll want to make sure to follow best practices for vehicle storage. Although the exact procedure you should follow will depend on your vehicle, it’s a good idea to drain any water systems (like those for restroom or kitchen areas), air up the tires, and fill the gas tank. You may also want to consider removing your vehicle’s battery for long-term storage. If at all possible, it’s best to check up on your stored vehicles and drive them from time to time. If you’re storing for the winter, make sure to follow best practices for winterizing your vehicle, too.

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Let Prestige Storage help you find the perfect parking solution for your RV. To get started, find a Prestige Storage facility near you, and then check the facility details to learn more about any RV and vehicle storage options available at that facility. If you have questions or want help getting started, just reach out to the customer service team at your preferred self-storage facility, or contact us online.

Please note: Prestige Storage requires documentation of ownership in the form of either the RV’s registration or title. Insurance is also required. If using an outdoor parking space, there must be current tags, and the customer’s name and the owner of the RV’s name must match.

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