How to Utilize Boat Storage

And How to Prepare Your Boat for Storage

Owning a boat is both rewarding and a lot of work. Storing your boat is something almost all boat owners will need to do at some point during the year. Regardless of your boat storage needs, let us help calm the waters. Storing your boat at one of our facilities has many benefits.

The Benefits of Boat Storage With Prestige Storage

  • Space. Boats are big. Store your boat with us and free up that space. Even if you have the room, a boat sitting for months might be unsightly (or even prohibited by an HOA). Our outdoor boat storage spaces can accommodate boats of any height and are available in a range of lengths.
  • Protection. We also offer indoor boat storage to protect it from the elements. Outdoor storage in our facilities also helps protect from animals and other pests.
  • Security. In addition to perimeter fencing with electronic gated entry, our facilities are well lit and feature several 24/7 security cameras.
  • Location. Many boat owners live hours from the water. Store your boat at one of our convenient facilities closer to the water and save yourself from unnecessary hauling and all the hassles that come with it. Our facilities are easy to access from major highways and streets.

Prepare Your Boat for Storage

Once you’ve found a nearby Prestige Storage facility for your boat, take these steps to prepare your boat for storage.

  • Drain any water left in your boat.
  • Clean the exterior and interior of the boat.
  • Remove all life jackets and seat cushions if possible.
  • Have the engine serviced prior to storage. This includes an oil and filter change as well as winterizing for all climates prone to freezing.
  • Disconnect or remove the battery/batteries to preserve their charge.
  • Place a few moisture absorbers in the boat.
  • Scatter some dryer sheets throughout the boat to deter animals.
  • Securely cover your boat. Many boat manufacturers offer covers specific to their boat models. If these aren’t available, waterproof tarps are a great alternative.

Rent or Reserve Your Boat Storage Unit Today

At Prestige Storage, we aim to provide storage solutions that fit everyone’s unique lifestyles, including those who prefer life out on the water. Once your boat is prepped and you’ve found a conveniently located Prestige Storage facility, all that’s left is to rent or reserve your boat storage unit.

Please note: Prestige Storage requires documentation of ownership in the form of either the boat’s registration or title. Insurance is also required. If using an outdoor parking space, there must be current tags, and the customer’s name and the owner of the boat’s name must match.

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