Personal & Residential Self-Storage

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It’s not uncommon to find yourself short on the storage space you need. You might just be trying to fit a growing household into a small space or be going through a life transition, like a big move or home renovation, that requires you to move your stuff around for a while.

No matter the reason you’ve found yourself in need of more room, Prestige Storage can help. With convenient storage units in a range of sizes, our self-storage facilities have ample room for whatever you need to store, from a few boxes of personal files to large rooms for the big stuff like furniture and appliances.

You’ve got enough to worry about already. Enjoy stress-free self-storage at Prestige Storage! Start a quick online rental when you select a storage space at your nearest storage facility.

Household Storage for Extras

When you find that you just don’t quite have enough space in your home for everything you’d like to keep, renting a household storage unit can help. From storing seasonal decorations to extra outdoor gear, self-storage is a great option for supplementing your at-home storage. Premium self-storage features like climate-controlled storage and drive-up access can make self-storage even easier. See the details at your nearest Prestige Storage facility to see if these features are available near you.

Temporary Storage for Moves and Remodels

When you’re moving around, or just needing to keep things out of your home during a renovation, renting a self-storage unit can be the perfect solution to get some space. Here at Prestige Storage, we have flexible storage leases, so you can get the storage you need without worrying about getting trapped in a long-term contract.

Things To Consider When Starting Self-Storage

If you’re new to self-storage or just not sure where to start, there are a few key things to consider. You’ll want to think about storage unit sizes and features like climate control and drive-up storage when deciding on a unit.

Storage Unit Sizes

At Prestige Storage, we have self-storage units available in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the storage unit that is most economical for everything you have to store. From 5×5 units around the size of a closet all the way up to huge 10×20 or 10×30 storage units, we’ve got room for you.

Climate-Controlled Storage Options

Climate-controlled storage units are the preferred option for keeping temperature-sensitive items like antiques, photographs, and important documents in self-storage. Basically, climate-controlled storage units are heated and cooled to within mild temperature ranges so the interior of your storage unit doesn’t reach the extremes of the outdoors. With climate-controlled self-storage, you can store things like electronics, wooden furniture, and photographs year-round without stressing about extreme seasonal temperatures or rapid weather changes.

Drive-Up Storage Units

If you’re getting a storage unit as a part of a move, you’ll want to seriously consider drive-up storage units. With a storage unit you can pull your vehicle right up to, you won’t have to move heavy items far and can just directly load or unload to and from your vehicle.

Drive-up storage units can also be extra convenient for items you plan to pick up frequently. For example, you might want to keep camping or outdoor gear in a drive-up unit, so you can just grab it on your way to an adventure.

Vehicle Storage and Parking

If you’ve been struggling to park your RV, trailer, boat, or extra car at home, consider vehicle parking with Prestige Storage. We have secure vehicle storage options at several of our facilities to help you free up room in your garage or driveway. To find parking storage near you, just find a Prestige Storage location and view available storage spaces at that facility to see any available vehicle storage options.

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Convenient self-storage is never too far with Prestige Storage. We offer top-quality storage facilities across the country. To rent or reserve a storage unit, just choose a storage location and view available storage units at that facility. Once you’ve found the storage unit with just the right amount of space, you can rent or reserve it online, or give us a call.

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