Your Moving and Packing Supplies Guide

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Moving your belongings into a storage unit doesn’t have to be a complicated process. However, as you transport your items into storage, there is always the risk of unexpected damage, but with the right supplies and strategy, you don’t need to worry.

We want to help ensure a smooth transition for your belongings. Let’s explore the essential packing materials and techniques you need to know to protect your items during storage and transportation.

Establishing Our Goals

When preparing to store your belongings, create clear objectives so each item is protected from multiple sources of damage. First, you want packing materials that won’t break the bank but still provide quality protection. Reused or recycled materials are perfect for this role.

Second, insulation is crucial. Packing material can shield your items from temperature changes and potential water damage. At Prestige Storage, our climate-controlled units offer a stable environment, enhancing insulation benefits. Lastly, shock absorbance is necessary to protect your items during transportation and from accidental impacts.

Insulation: Protecting Your Valuables

Insulated packing material is your first defense against temperature fluctuations and moisture. Our climate-controlled units maintain a stable temperature range throughout the year, but extra-sensitive items like antiques can benefit from additional protection. Materials like Bubble Wrap, foam padding, or blankets offer an affordable, durable, and well-insulated solution. These materials reduce temperature-related damage and minimize the risk of moisture seeping in, keeping your items in optimal condition throughout their storage period.

Shock Absorbance

During transportation, your items risk bumps and impacts that could cause damage. To counter this, prioritize packing materials known for their shock absorbance. Foam sheets, packing peanuts, and inflatable airbags provide cushioning, reducing the risk of breakage or damage caused by rough handling. Once your belongings reach the storage unit unscathed, your belongings will remain protected and ready for use.

Scratch Resistance

Scratches and abrasions can happen when you least expect them. Whether you brush a coat zipper against an old mirror or forget to put packing material between plates in storage, scratches are bound to happen. Protective covers such as furniture pads, mattress covers, and plastic sheeting reduce friction between your items while in storage, guarding your delicate belongings against avoidable wear and tear.


Efficient organization allows you to make the most of your storage space. Plastic bins, cardboard boxes, and stackable crates are helpful for the moving process and organization within your unit and help categorize and arrange your items systematically. Labeling each container significantly enhances accessibility, allowing you to find specific items quickly when needed.

With organized packing materials, you can optimize your storage unit’s space and streamline retrieval, whether quickly accessing inventory to fill an order for your business or swapping out holiday decorations as the seasons change. When you use your storage unit, an intelligent packing strategy can help keep everything you store neat and secure.

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