How To Protect Your Belongings From Rats and Mice

Mouse caught in a cage trap, which is being carried by a pest control professional.

Although self-storage is your best solution for clearing space in your home or business, there are precautions you should take when you store your belongings. Pesky invaders across the country are constantly seeking a place to get shelter and food. This is how rats and mice find their way into your storage unit.

However, if you follow these preventive pest control tips and take simple precautions, you have the power to prevent rodents from getting into your belongings, especially when you use self-storage. In this blog, our team at Prestige Storage will show you how to protect your belongings from getting damaged by rats and mice.

Why Is Rodent Control for Storage Units Important?

Rodents such as mice and rats are a major problem for self-storage customers. If they aren’t properly controlled, they can chew through boxes and bags and damage your belongings. According to the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, pests such as rodents have numerous negative effects and impacts, which include:

  • Contamination of food
  • Carriers of disease
  • Quality of life impacts
  • Obstructions to streams and waterways

Preventive Pest Control Tips for Self-Storage

While rodents can be a major problem for you and your belongings, there are storage tips you can use to prevent an infestation both in and out of your storage unit. Here are a few of our personal recommendations.

Pack Items in Sealed Containers

As rodents can easily chew through old cardboard boxes or plastic bags, it’s best to invest in secure packaging such as plastic tubs with airtight lids. If you use cardboard boxes, make sure they’re new, as the fresh materials are harder for rodents to chew through.

Don’t Keep Food in Self-Storage

If you’re hurrying through your move, there’s a better chance some food might make its way into your storage unit. Avoid this at all costs. Food is a major attraction for rodents. A great rule of thumb is to not keep anything perishable in your storage unit.

Keep Items Raised From the Ground

Use crates to keep your tubs and boxes raised off the storage unit ground. That way, if rats or mice come into your storage unit, they’ll have a much harder time getting into your belongings due to the height.

Visit Your Storage Unit Frequently

By frequently visiting your storage unit, you can regularly keep your unit clean and check for any damage to your belongings. We recommend you check on your storage unit every other month, if not sooner.

Choose a Storage Facility That Cares About Pest Control

When you’re looking for a storage unit, make sure you choose a clean and well-kept storage facility that genuinely cares about pest control. In fact, before moving in, ask one of the storage facility’s team members about their pest control policy and protocol.

Rent Your Pest-Free Storage Unit With Prestige Storage

For the best pest-free self-storage near you, turn to Prestige Storage. With a number of different storage types and unit sizes to choose from, we’ve got the right tools and solutions for your storage needs. Find your nearest Prestige Storage facility, or contact us online today!

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