Unlock the Potential of Your Attic: Four Creative Storage Solutions

Cluttered attic like this can become open and ready for use with our storage tips.

While storage units make excellent solutions for the additional clutter around your house, there may be a more practical storage option above your head. Attic storage may be a better option for items that are used more regularly or don’t take up a lot of space. If you have never stored anything in an attic, knowing how to best use that space may be challenging. Follow these four tips to make the most of your attic space, and if you need additional storage, Prestige Storage is here to help.

Create an Organization System

Before you begin preparing to store items in your new home storage, it is best to develop a way to organize these items. This could involve installing shelves on the wall or purchasing a shelving unit to place in your attic. Keeping your attic organized from the jump can reduce future clutter and make everything easier to get to and find.

Additionally, a pegboard system could work for items that don’t need protection from external conditions. For larger items that won’t fit on shelves or into storage bins, installing hooks they can hang from or saving large boxes will keep them off the ground and out of the way.

Get Durable Containers

Items needing storage—seasonal clothing, holiday decorations, hobby or craft supplies—are likely easily damaged. It’s best to purchase some protective containers to ensure they stay safe. The best options are heavy-duty plastic containers with tight lids or plastic drawers that close entirely.

Paper Storage

If you have a lot of paper clutter around your house, investing in a filing cabinet is best to keep your important documents safe. They even have fire-resistant and fireproof filing cabinets in case the worst happens.

Make Labels

There are several labels you can make to help with attic organization. The simplest option is to write everything in your bin on paper and tape it to the bin. If you are looking for something more complex, take a picture of what is in the container, print it out, and tape it to the bin. The photo option could help with repacking your bin. A less sustainable option would be to write on the bin itself.

However you decide to label your containers, make sure you label multiple sides of them to ensure you can always see the labels. If not, you might have to jostle and move your containers each time you need something out of them.

Make Space in Your Attic With Prestige Storage

For sports equipment, craft supplies, seasonal clothing, holiday decorations, and many other items, keeping these items in your attic may prove to be more convenient. However, for items like electronics, musical instruments, and leather, the attic probably isn’t the best place to prevent weather-related damage. For these items, we recommend a climate-controlled unit from Prestige Storage. Offering a stable environment, you can rest assured those temperature-sensitive items will last for years to come. Find and rent your storage unit at a Prestige location near you, whether you want climate control or a little extra space in your home or attic.

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