6 Benefits of Using Self Storage for Your Business

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Small businesses have been booming since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Many people have also adapted to a work-from-home lifestyle. All these changes may have left you with too much stuff and insufficient space in your home. Despite many decluttering attempts, you may still feel like you’re drowning in work supplies. Much like personal storage, business storage may be the solution for your chaotic home. Luckily, Prestige Storage has plenty of commercial storage space to help you get work done in an organized space.

Cutting Costs

There are two options when you have run out of space for your business. One is to upsize from a home or small office space to a larger one or invest in storage. Upsizing will likely cost hundreds to thousands of extra dollars, depending on the size of the space. On the other hand, business storage will be a fraction of that cost. Business storage is the better option if you are looking for the most cost-efficient way to lower clutter in a workspace.

How To Save Money on Business Storage

Don’t pay for more than you need. Most storage places come with various-sized storage units with different accommodations. If you have nothing that needs climate control or ample space, opt for a small storage unit without climate control. Typically, storage leases are flexible, so you can pay by the month if you don’t need them for an entire year.

A person saves their pennies as they keep their business costs low.

Create a Safer Work Environment

Even if it’s just you at your house in a back room, decluttering your workspace creates a safer work environment. You and whoever works with you must be able to move freely about your space, no matter what you do. If it is cluttered from ceiling to floor, it can create trouble for everyone. Not only do cluttered items become stumbling blocks, but they can also become fire hazards. If you cannot quickly and safely reach an exit in the case of an emergency, you could be putting your life at risk.

Boost Productivity

Several studies show that having a clean workspace can boost your productivity for several reasons. Investing in business storage to eliminate clutter will help keep you motivated and improve your work while lowering stress. This allows you to fill more orders or cut through more work quickly. Because of this, business storage can be a route to boosting your income, too!

Ease of Expansion

Your business will likely keep growing over time. Imagine buying a slightly larger office space. Then, in a few years, imagine buying another office space—and another and another. This means you are packing everything up every few years and possibly moving across town to accommodate the growth. Instead, commercial storage allows you to upsize without moving very far. Most storage facilities include units ranging from the size of closets to boats and RVs, which should provide plenty of room for business supplies.

Surplus Supply Storage

Two people organize their supplies inside a self storage unit.

Things happen. Perhaps you mistakenly ordered too many supplies and find yourself overstocked. Maybe you overestimated the supplies you needed or had a few orders canceled. Business storage gives business owners plenty of space to keep surplus supplies until they can use them.

Keep Nonessential Items Off-Site

When creating and running a business, you often have a lot of paperwork you won’t need every day. Instead of letting it create clutter or take up space in your workplace, you can store it securely off-site. Since most storage facilities are always open, you can still access these papers whenever necessary without keeping them on hand.

Tips for Packing and Moving Your Business Belongings

Once you purchase commercial storage, you will need to get all your items there to store. Here are our best tips for packing and moving your business:

  • Secure fragile items.
  • Organize items as you pack.
  • Clearly label every container.
  • Book moving equipment in advance.
  • Utilize moving trucks and dollies if necessary.
  • Ask for help if you need it.
  • Get as close to the storage unit as possible.
  • Ensure all containers are closed before leaving the unit.

Seeing an increase in business and a boom in profits usually means expansion for any small business or work-from-home venture. If you feel cramped in your current office space, it doesn’t mean you need to move into a bigger one. There are many benefits of using self storage for your business. From boosting productivity to freeing up space for less money, selecting commercial storage may be the next thing your business needs to keep up with the growing demand. Prestige Storage is here to help you!

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