Vehicle/Boat/RV Storage

Storage facilities throughout Eastern United States

The Decision-Making Process

Be it your classic car, your new boat, or the family RV, we are all about helping you find the perfect place to store it. What type of storage is best for your memory-making machine? Will you need just a safe place or would protection from the elements be necessary?

It’s up to you. Contact our storage experts for advice and help to decide on the right storage solution for your vehicle.

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Parking Storage Options

Open parking might be your choice if you are concerned about the monthly cost of your space. Covered parking deters most of the elements of weather that increase wear over time. If you are expecting long-term storage you may choose to go with a covered option.

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Fitting In Your Space

The typical Class A RV will be around 8 feet 6 inches wide. It is best to find a 12-foot wide storage unit so you can comfortably maneuver your vehicle into the space. 

Prestige Storage Management offers open and covered parking alternatives, so you will not need to worry about a door or walls on either side.

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